Product Highlights

  • Customize your surface

  • Get intelligent touch control

  • See your mix in whole new ways

  • Work with what you want

  • Design the perfect mixing surface for your workflow. S6 is fully modular, enabling you to build your own system with an accompaniment of Fader, Knob, Process, and Display Modules. Add optional modules for surround and post mixing. Personalize it further with a variety of accessories, from keyboard and script trays to speaker mounts. And because it can be scaled horizontally and vertically, you can configure the surface with the modules you need now to fit your budget, with room to expand in the future as your needs grow. Working in a smaller room? Check out Avid S4, which provides all the power of S6 in a smaller surface.

  • The Master Touch Module serves as the engine of your entire surface and central hub of operation. With its 12.1-inch tilting multipoint touchscreen, knobs, and other controls, you can quickly access and control different aspects of your mix and system. Navigate and edit tracks and plugins fast. Select, mute, solo, and record-enable channels. View metering and parameter statuses. Get extensive monitoring and routing control to handle the biggest, most complex mixes, including Dolby Atmos. Perform multistep tasks instantly with customizable soft keys. And much more.

  • Stay on top of your mix with one or more Display Modules, which provide extensive and unique visual feedback. Not only can you view multiple channel meters, track names, routing, groups, and other information, but also insightful data that will elevate your mixing experience. View high-resolution scrolling Pro Tools waveforms, which you can edit right from the surface. Display track automation data, gain reduction metering, EQ curves, and more. And with the latest EUCON software, you can now turn the display into a Master Meter Module, so you can keep your Master and Bus meters visible at all times.

  • You have a lot of choices when it comes to the tools you use to create music, sound for picture, or videos. So why not use a control surface that respects the choices you make? S6 does. That’s because it features EUCON, a high-speed Ethernet-based technology that enables the hardware to communicate directly with any EUCON-enabled application—and vice-versa. And because it’s application-aware, you can switch from a Pro Tools project to Logic Pro, Nuendo, and other audio software in seconds.

IPL Pro S6

  1. Provide an Ethernet-enabled control processor for the purpose of remotely controlling, monitoring and troubleshooting connected AV equipment and AV systems.
    1. Ethernet enabled control processor
      1. Provide one RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 port on captive screw connectors located on the back of the processor that can be configured for unidirectional or bidirectional control of AV system components
      2. Provide five RS-232 ports on captive screw connectors located on the back of the processor that can be used for unidirectional or bidirectional control of AV system components
      3. Device shall have a female RJ-45 jack located on the back of the enclosure that supports 10/100/1000Base-T, half/full duplex with auto-detect for connection to a LAN or WAN and includes link and activity LED indicators located on the left and right of the jack for troubleshooting network issues as well as supports PoE- Power over Ethernet, 802.3af
      4. Device shall have an optional 12-volt captive screw connection located on the back of the panel should PoE not be available
      5. Device shall support the following protocols: ICMP (ping), IEEE 802.1X, IPv4, TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, NTP, SFTP, SMTP, SNMP, SSH
      6. Device shall include a multi-function button that allows for the reset of the device or its communication properties at minimum
      7. Supports a web-based AV resource management application that provides a means to manage, monitor, and control AV equipment
      8. Provide an internal real-time clock with backup battery that is used to keep track of the date and time
      9. Device shall have at least 512 MB of nonvolatile memory with at least 260 MB available to the user
      10. Provide front panel LED activity indicators for power status, RS-232 status, RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 status, and network status
      11. Device shall include an energy-efficient external 12 VDC, 1 A power supply
    2. Mounting requirements
      1. Device shall be housed in a 1 RU, quarter rack width metal enclosure
      2. Device shall be rack mountable using an optional rack shelf
      3. Device shall be able to be installed under a table, desk, or other flat surface using an optional mounting kit
      4. Device shall be mountable on a projector mounting pole using an optional mounting kit
    3. Software requirements
      1. The device may only be configured or programmed using Extron’s Global Configurator Plus or Professional, or Global Scripter respectively.
      2. Device drivers and modules can be obtained through Extron support resources and database.
      3. Shall be configured or programmed by an Extron authorized user.
      4. The device’s configuration and settings shall be managed using Extron’s Toolbelt software
    4. Security Requirements
      1. Device shall support SFTP and SSH for secure communication between the control processor and a TouchLink Pro touchpanel or Network Button Panel
      2. Device shall support HTTPS and SSH for secure communication between the control processor and Extron Control App
      3. Device shall support HTTPS for secure communication between the control processor and Extron Control for Web
      4. Device shall support SSH for secure communication between the control processor and controlled device for programmed systems
      5. Device shall support SFTP and SSH for secure communication between the control processor and the configuration or programming software
      6. Device shall provide the option to modify administrator and user credentials
      7. Device shall support security updates to maintain network health
      8. Device shall require that a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate is installed to maintain system confidentiality and data integrity
      9. Device shall support the installation of an owner furnished certificate with the following properties:
        1. Certificates shall include x.509 support
        2. Certificates shall include public / private key exchange
        3. Certificates shall support PEM encoding
      10. Extron shall furnish documentation that describes all supported network ports and services
    5. Shall meet regulatory compliances
      1. CE
      2. c-UL
      3. UL
      4. C-Tick
      5. FCC Class A
      6. ICES
      7. KCC
      8. VCCI
      9. RoHs
      10. WEEE
    6. Product Warranty
      1. Shall provide at least 3 years parts and labor
    7. Approved device shall be the Extron IPL Pro S6, part number 60-1414-01; no alternates or equals
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